Friday, September 9, 2011


New or old to the coupon world, you may still find yourself wondering at times what on earth all those abbreviations stand for.  It almost seems that in this ever changing "game" of couponing, the rules are never the same, and stores use terms that you may not be familiar with. You may have also found yourself looking at a coupon wondering where you can use it, will it double (if you live in a doubles area), and what exactly is the coupon good for. Here's some information that should help clear up some of these issues.

Manufacturers Coupon - This standard lingo at the top of coupon that is valid at any national retail or grocery chain that accepts coupons.  These are generally the coupons you can get out of your Sunday newspaper, in-store blinkie machines/tearpads, and internet print sites, such as etc.

Store Coupon - This is the term used for a coupon that is valid only at a specific store. These coupons you often find inside of the store circular, and they allow you to get a greater discount beyond the sale price, or get a price that you can only receive by having the coupon.  You may also see store coupons that will say "Only good at XXXXXX" That would be a store specific coupon as well.

Catalina Coupons - Catalina's are coupons that print from the small box next to the register called a "Catalina Machine". You can receive various types of coupons from these machines including, manufacturer, store specific, local deals, and OYNO coupons.

Double Coupons - The doubling of coupons is something that is only available in certain regions and each store tends to have a different policy, even stores within the same chain will vary.  In general double couponing is when the store will double the face value of a coupon up to a certain about. For example Giant Food doubles coupons up to .99, meaning any coupon for .99 or less will fully double its value, and $1.00 or more will be redeemed at face value. Some store do not offer regular doubling but will occasionally add bonus coupons to their weekly ad to allow doubling of a certain amount of coupons for that specific week.  A common question is why do some coupons say do not double or triple and will they double or triple if they say this? The wording is put there to let the store know that the manufacturer does not intend for the coupon to be doubled, and they will not reimburse the store for anything above face value. As for whether or not a store will double a coupon that says do not double is definitely something that will vary from store to store, even cashier to cashier. Generally in my experience unless the cashier "tells" the register to not double, and the coding of the coupon doesn't block it, then the coupon will double. However your best bet is to ask the store what their policy is regarding Double coupons so you are prepared and not throw off at checkout.

ANY VS. EXCLUDES - When you are using a coupon, you need to be sure that it was intended for the exact product you are purchasing. Whether or not it will scan is irrelevant, as the manufacturer has certain intentions for each coupon they issue. If you coupon states "any" and does not list a size or specific type it may be used on any size or type of product listed.  However alot of times coupons are much more specific. They will say excludes trial or travel, or valid only on an exact size, scent, or variety.  Knowing what your coupon is good on before you try to use it, will allow for a smooth checkout and avoid any unwanted issues.

Coupon/Store Abbreviations
OYNO - on you next order
RR - register rewards (walgreens promotions)
ECB - extra care bucks (cvs promotions)
+UP - rite aid rewards
YMMV - your mileage may vary
BLINKIES - little flashing machine you see on a shelf that dispenses coupons
DND - do not double
DNT - do no triple
WYB - when you buy
BOGO/B1G1 - buy 1 get 1
PEELIE - coupon you find attached to packaging
TEAR PAD - coupons you find attached to shelf or display

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  1. Great info! I always wondered what DND meant. The only thing I could think of was "dungeons and dragons" heh 8)