This is a new thing we are going to try out on Coupon Guy!!! Setting this up so that you can comment and let people know what types of coupons you have/are looking to trade for. You will need an account to comment. How this will work is you will make a post stating what it is you are looking for and what you have to trade for it.
There will be some rules to abide by, or you will be listed as a bad trader and will not be permitted to post for trades any more.

1. First and foremost, a disclaimer.  This is not associated with blogspot or facebook.  Jeremy and Me (Cassie) are not in any way, shape, or form liable for a bad trade. We cannot control the mail or others on here and while we would like to think that no one would "scam" anyone out of coupons, it does happen from time to time.  If you are trading you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will however put some rules in place to minimize this happening.

2. In your post you need to state your name, what coupon you are looking for, and what you have for trade. You need to include the date the ones you have to trade are expiring, and if you know the insert the one you are looking for came from list it, as this is helpful to some couponers to quickly find if they have it.

For example - Hi, this is Cassie
I have 10 .75/1 Snuggle Exp 11/13/11
I want 5 2.00/2 Pepsi (pepsi moments insert 10/2)

3. If you have multiple coupons you are willing to give up for trade, please list then all in the same post,  this will eliminate a bunch of posts asking what exactly you have, and should help keep confusion to a minimal

4. Do not offer to trade unless you have the coupons in hand. Do not base your trade off on inserts you ordered, and do not offer anything you are not 100% positive you have.

5. Once you make an agreed upon trade, please exchange email address, or how to contact each other on facebook. DO NOT post your address on the blog. It is public and everyone will see it.

6. If you make a trade you need to be able to ship them within 2 business days. Business days as in the USPS business days. For example, a deal made on Tuesday needs to be put in the mail by Thursday, A deal made Thursday needs to be put in the mail by Saturday, A deal made Saturday needs to be put in the mail by Tuesday and so on etc. This is ample time to address an envelope and put it in the mail box or drop at the post office. Jf you can not meet this time frame, please withhold from trading til you can. This will also keep the chance of receiving coupons after their expiration date.

7. If you make a bad trade you will NOT be allowed to trade here until you make it right. This will be on the first offense, NO EXCEPTIONS. You are entering into a written agreement and need to make good on your word.  Even if the post office loses your envelope you are still obligated to fulfill the trade, as you have received coupons and the other person did not. If by some chance you send out coupons and the receiver does not get them within 7 days, you will need to contact them and figure out a new offer.  Until that time you will not be permitted to make any more posts for trade, and they will be deleted if you do. *IT MAY BE WISE TO NOT USE THE COUPONS YOU RECEIVE UNTIL YOU VERIFY THE OTHER PERSON HAS THEIRS TO, THAT WAY IN THE EVENT OF A MAIL ISSUE, YOU COULD ALWAYS JUST SEND THEM BACK TO BE IN GOOD STANDING* *IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR COUPONS WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS PLEASE LET ME (CASSIE) KNOW* BUSINESS DAYS ARE CONSIDERED DAYS THE POST OFFICE IS ACTUALLY OPEN. IF THERE IS A HOLIDAY OR A SUNDAY, DO NOT COUNT THIS IN THE AMOUNT OF TIME. WITH THE SENDING REQUIREMENT BEING 2 BUSINESS DAYS, THIS GIVES THE USPS 5 BUSINESS DAYS TO GET IT TO YOU.*

8. Do not be rude or nasty in offering a trade. Being aggressive is okay because obviously if you have a better offer the trader may rather make a deal with you. HOWEVER you can be very tactful in the way you go about this, and no profanity or disrespect will be tolerated. First offense you will be blocked from trading.

9. Once you have made a trade, if none of your coupons you have listed are still valid or are available anymore please remove your comment to eliminate others trying to make a deal for coupons not available.